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Ben Jordan Dream InvisibleLizzy Brookes reviews Ben Jordan’s latest album, Dream Invisible.

After coming to the UK a few years ago for a tour, Ben Jordan’s life changed forever and he fell into quite a distressful state; after finding himself without gigs, money, nor a place to live, he retreated to our beautiful homeland of Cornwall to rebuild his life.

Ben started up a crowd funding campaign to raise money for the recording and promotion of his latest album, Dream Invisible, and to everyone that pledged towards it, he couldn’t be more appreciative. The popularity of crowd-funding has definitely surged in the past year or so; multiple projects and dreams of all shapes and sizes have had great backing and found success thanks to the people that support them.

The steady beat of his introductory ballad ‘Breathing Fire’, combined with its calm aura and meaningful lyrics, painted for me a picture… I was thinking what a great soundtrack for a film it would make, something involving a long, sunny road trip with music, fun and friends…

Despite Jordan’s trials and tough times, there is a lot of optimism in this album and as well as the ballads, there are plenty of tracks for some good old foot stomping (whilst wearing a mean pair of cowboy boots).

I felt that as I listened to the album, certain songs really reflected Ben’s surroundings and his inspiration. He has performed in many beauty spots around Cornwall, which isn’t hard to believe when you find out he’s based in St Ives, the real cream of the crop.

The blend of genres Ben Jordan offers is a good way to appeal to a wider audience; there are some great acoustic singer/songwriters around lately that have become so popular and Ben manages to hit that niche with his clearly talented guitar playing and honest vocals. He does, however, add his own unique, country/roots twist with some steel slide guitar and the addition of piano, bass and drums gives his music rich underlying feeling- feeling that must come from all his years of travelling the US and UK, and the many experiences this must have brought his way.

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