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After recently graduating from BIMM in Bristol with a BA in Professional Musicianship, singer/songwriter Samuel Powell has returned home to Cornwall where he plans to focus on song writing and getting his music online.

The 22-year-old is from Truro and is no stranger to performing live and has been gigging throughout Cornwall and the Southwest since 2007.

Despite writing songs and playing guitar for 10 years, Samuel didn’t originally intend to take the musical path when he was younger.

“I was really into art and acrylic painting but found it frustrating at the time as I would have an idea every day and so would never finish one piece because by the time it took to complete it I’d have had the next new idea,” Samuel explained.

“Writing songs is a much faster process so gave me a way to channel and satisfy my string of ideas and actually complete them.”

Samuel’s song writing is inspired by personal experiences and the lives of others but he says that his Granddad was also a big influence on his life.

“He was a strong man and extremely confident,” he said. “He used to sing in a church choir and would insist on a tablespoon of whisky before he sang. He was a man of great faith.”

During his time at university in Bristol, Samuel was in a band called “Point to The Sun” and he regularly gigged in venues all across the city.

Samuel taught himself to play guitar and through this he developed his own style.

He was signed by Squareball Records during his gap year and he gigged all over Cornwall with his debut EP Marble Pillars.

One of his newer songs, The Lonely Ballad of Grim, is proving to be popular and he plans to make a video that portrays the unusual story behind it.

Since moving back to Cornwall, Sam is planning to record and perform as a solo artist as well as team up with local vocalist and songwriter, Kieta Bennetts.

“I have a large back-log of material, so my main purpose is just to get all my music recorded and out there online. Hopefully I’ll get to play at festivals next summer,” concluded Samuel.


Who is your musical inspiration?

Jeff Buckley, Matt Corby, The Foals, Damien Rice, System of Dawn and Jose Gonzalez.

What was the first album you ever bought?

I didn’t really have much money so I wouldn’t buy music. I wrote it more than I bought it. So, the first one I bought was a little later and it was Damien Rice’s second album.

How would you describe your music?

Lyrical, raw and minimal

Who would you love to play on the stage with (dead or alive)?

Nina Simone or my Granddad.

What are your thoughts on Cornwall’s music scene?

There are times when it is static but there is a huge amount of talent down here. Cornwall needs more music venues and perhaps a main venue with larger capacity. There not enough music industry opportunities down here at the moment.

Are there any Cornish artists you see going far?

The People’s String Foundation. These guys are outstanding musicians! And Kieta Bennett’s, she is amazing!!

Do you have any rituals or superstitions before you go on stage?

I have to completely empty out my pockets.


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