Review: James Shead – Into the Warmth


into the warmth james sheadLizzy Brookes reviews Into the Warmth, the new EP released by Cornish musician James Shead.

It’s been almost a year since James Shead released his debut EP, so understandably there’s been a lot of excitement and anticipation for Into the Warmth, which was released on 19th September, 2014.

From the moment of pressing play, there is a beautiful feel to the music which flows through the whole EP; all four songs melt together and move along at a warm, balanced and steady pace.

Into the Warmth is a fitting title, which really does reflect the lovely feeling of James’ songwriting. I found that while listening, amongst the initial warmth which pulled me to the music, there was also a definite feeling of something darker and slightly haunting woven in.

There is a larger level of depth built up into this new EP, not just in the music, but in the lyrics and the stories behind them too. James tells of moments and experiences dear to him, that clearly inspire his work, and darker times where he found himself not even feeling welcome playing music.

A song to watch out for, and my favourite from the EP, is ‘Ghost’. A really strong track, which James describes as holding a very personal level to him. It has great musical depth throughout, the beautiful guitar finger-picking is supported with strong bass notes and the backing vocals’ harmony section builds it up beautifully to the end chorus.

Any fans of Newton Faulkner or Nick Mulvey should give James Shead a listen. He proves that young Cornish musicians are working hard to accomplish pure greatness- and a shot of greatness to the eardrums is definitely what we’ve got with Into the Warmth.


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