Are You Getting Enough Cake Professor?



What do you get when you put two cats, two dogs, a whole lot of cake, and Professor Green in a farmhouse kitchen in Cornwall? It has to be another storming Indie Kitchen session.

It’s not often rap and acoustic are used in the same sentence but this combination worked surprisingly well at last night’s Indie Kitchen live recording session.

Professor Green made the day trip to Cornwall from London especially for the event but rather than bringing a large entourage that is so often associated with an artist of this calibre, the UK rapper brought just three people with him – his band.

It’s not the usual genre of music for Indie Kitchen, who usually record live sessions for lesser-known, but equally as talented, acoustic singers and bands, mellow singer/songwriters, and accomplished musicians. No one knew quite what to expect.

However, once the sound check was completed, the dogs and cats took up their positions, and the famous cakes were put out on display, the magic began.

Katie Holmes (no, not Tom Cruise’s ex) was on vocals, John-Louis Riccardi on guitar and backing vocals, and Professor Green was doing what he does best – rapping.

The songs were stripped-back versions of his hits; Read All About it, Remedy, Avalon and a funked up version of his INXS remake, I Need You Tonight. Each song was delivered with the passion of his usual stage performances but with a raw edge thanks to Katie’s powerful vocals, Louis’s energetic guitar playing, and Professor Green’s thought-provoking lyrics that appeared to be much more poignant in this humble setting. At one point, the rapper forgot his lyrics, (easy to do, there are about a thousand in each song), so one young and very excited fan in our very intimate audience, handed him her phone and played back her recording of the song so he could pick up where he left off, which no doubt made her night.

Fellow rapper, Felix Billion, was also present but as the gang’s dedicated driver and after a seven-hour car journey, he took a back seat, munched on his favourite M&S salad, and filmed the passing cows (more family pets).

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When the music was over, the attention turned to the cakes. Baked earlier that day by Claire, the lady of the farmhouse, this week’s selection included chocolate and pecan brownies, sticky toffee cupcakes, blueberry and white chocolate cupcakes, sugary jam doughnuts and a banoffee cake – all devoured within about 10 minutes by the band, crew and guests.

Keith and Claire, the husband and wife team behind the unique concept are warm and incredibly hospitable, inviting people into their home and treating them like family. The couple’s children also play a vital role, from filming the sessions and moving sound equipment, to throwing the ball for the dogs and whipping cream in the kitchen.

After signing posters, having his pictures taken with the guests, eating cake, and having a general chin wag with everyone, it was time for the incredibly down-to-earth- Professor Green and his crew to hit the long road back to London.

This was my first time at an Indie Kitchen recording and if they’re all like that, it certainly won’t be my last. I look forward to seeing what other musical and baking treats they have lined up in the near future. As Marie-Antoinette would say – Let them eat cake!

Keep a lookout for Professor Green’s live acoustic session on the website where you can also watch performances by Laura Fletcher, India Bourne, Pete Roe, Sam Brookes, 3 Daft Monkeys, and many more.

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