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If you’re looking for a set of speakers that can pair up to your devices via Bluetooth, pump the bass through the roof, and come in under £100, then the Edifier M3200BT speaker is for you.

Its sleek jet-black design and funky circular volume control, which has its own cable and light-up blue strip, makes it pleasing to look at, and the two hourglass-shaped small speakers (34W) are surprisingly crisp and clear. The wooden subwoofer with 5-inch speaker drive is hidden within a sleek black box, and a little on the large size but it does its job well. One downside is the bass control which is positioned on the back of the sub-woofer, making it difficult to adjust if you’ve got the unit in a hard to reach place.

The absence of wires makes it’s a great speaker to transport from room to room, and there’s a remote control with audio input and headphone jack which is handy. If you want to connect your non-Bluetooth devices, there’s also a convenient 3.5 mm cable which plugs into the remote.

For its fair RRP price of £69.99, this is a particularly good speaker that does exactly what you want it to do, whether you’re playing your favourite tunes or watching a film on your TV. I used it while playing on my Xbox and was surprised at the high-quality surround-sound effect, and there were no traces of the tinny, hollow sound that can often be heard through smaller speakers.

* Star rating: 4/5 *

Review by Matt Hayes

The Edifier M3200BT speaker is £69.99 and can be purchased from many stores including and

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