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Fugoo Sport speaker

Anna Ridley reviews the portable Fugoo Sport Speaker – a compact, sleek, wireless, waterproof device with Bluetooth and interchangeable jackets.

There are so many different Bluetooth portable speakers on the market, from waterproof ones to take in the shower, to compact devices that can be taken on your travels. However, I think I’ve finally found a portable speaker with Fugoo that ticks all of the boxes – great sound, wireless, waterproof, compact, and aesthetically pleasing.

Its sleek rectangular design and compact means it’s perfect to pop in your suitcase if you’re heading away on a weekend, or even in your everyday bag if you fancy some tunes at work, a party, or while relaxing on a beach.

Unlike many other portable speakers that can offer have a tinny sound, especially when you crank up the volume, the Fugoo speaker maintains its clear sound thanks to 360-degree audio and six drivers that pump out the bass and keep the clarity of the melody and vocals even when on full volume.

I tested the speaker out at multiple destinations, including in my home, in the office, on the beach and in the back of my van at a music festival for a pre-festival party.

The main thing I noticed about this speaker is the very long battery life – 40 hours at half volume, 20 hours at full volume! This is great if you’re on the move a lot and don’t want to keep charging it, or if you just want to pump your tunes out at a party all night long.

To charge it, you simply plug in a USB cable into your laptop or a mains socket with the adapter plug. As an added bonus, the speaker comes with a European plug adapter for all of those city breaks and overseas festivals. There’s also an aux cable, and both cables have flexible soft-touch leads in the colour of my speaker’s jacket, which is a nice touch.

fugoo sport-speaker-jacket

The noticeable thing about the Fugoo speaker is its stylish design. With the main rugged body in black, the speakers have interchangeable protective jackets, so you can change it to suit your adventures. Mine was a Fugoo Sport speaker and it came with a bright turquoise jacket, which got a lot of praise from friends.

With its Bluetooth functions, the speaker is compatible with phones, and you don’t have to press a button on the speaker if you want to take a call. The music simply fades and you can answer the call as normal using your phone to select whether you want it on loud speaker through the Fugoo device or on your phone. There’s also an omni-directional microphone that works with Siri and Google Talk.

Another huge plus is that the speaker is waterproof (up to three feet underwater), mud-proof, dust-proof and drop-proof, making it perfect for the clumsy, the dirty, the water enthusiasts, and the UK summer festival-goers.


So what’s bad about the speaker? Aside from the slightly annoying loud American voice guidance that states when the speaker is on and off, one thing that isn’t ideal is the lack of visual levels for the battery life. But, if you want to check, just hold the battery button for a few seconds and the American voice will give you a rough estimate of how much battery life is left.

Overall, this is a fantastic product. The light weight means it’s easy to take pretty much anywhere, from camping trips, to cabin luggage on flights. Its clear 360-degree sound is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re dancing around your house, in a field, or up a mountain.

Design – 9/10
Sound – 9.5/10
Portable effectiveness – 10/10

Available in three options – Fugoo Tough, Fugoo Style and Fugoo Sport, these wireless speakers are available from Amazon UK from £159.99 and accessories packs are also available with straps and multi-mounts.


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