Review: Luna Eclipse 2.0 Speaker Set

speaker reviewChris Bunt reviews the Luna Eclipse 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker Set.
Being the functional, straightforward human being I am, I’ve always been a great opposer of style over substance. Don’t get me wrong – there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with great design – but without the functionality to match, you’ve essentially got yourself an expensive door-stop. In an effort to prove that style and substance can go hand in hand, speaker manufacturers Edifier almost had me convinced with their Luna Eclipse model.


Straight out of the box, it’s obvious the speakers are well-built, robust, and surprisingly weighty, and the Luna Eclipse’s design grabs you immediately. Glossy and sleek, with an exposed face where the drivers and tweeters are mounted, the speakers certainly don’t suffer from an image crisis. It’s a modern approach, and not for everyone (me included; I prefer traditional in this instance), but fans of the style will likely love it. The architecture continues at the rear, with the bass radiators hidden within deep recesses of the unit, which doubles up as a clever way to protect the drivers themselves. One thing I would advise on is careful placement – their top-heavy design means they’re easy to topple, something I did more than once.
Getting started with the speakers is straightforward – the initial setup takes just a few minutes – and connecting a phone using Bluetooth is practically seamless. There was one signal hiccup early on, but from then on it was a joy to use, with a generous range that should suit most users. This extends to the speakers, which are paired by a detachable six-foot cable, while a 3.5mm auxiliary port is available for when Bluetooth isn’t necessary.


As a desktop speaker, the Luna Eclipse operates on a fairly honest, if unremarkable frequency spectrum that fares well for casual listening. The bass response was predictably shallow for speakers of this size – becoming more noticeable during dynamic-heavy music – but generally it wasn’t enough to cause a problem, and most of the time the sound was warm and balanced, if slightly heavy on the mids. For this reason, vocals and instruments that rely more on these frequencies are slightly exaggerated and pushed towards the front.
It’s worth stressing that the Luna Eclipse speakers are pitched by Edifier for desktop and home environment use, and they’ve got that spot on. Hook up to your TV, plug in your phone, browse YouTube; it’s a system for the everyday.
One major selling point for the speakers are their fantastic stereo image – the depth and range of their sound is remarkable for such a small product, and meant for a crisp, clear sound. This continued at high volumes, proving that the ‘Digital Sound Processing’ and ‘Dynamic Range Control’ measures were doing their job, and there were no traces of distortion, even at a push.
Not everything hits the mark, and there are some minor gripes with the design in particular. I find the touch-sensitive power and volume buttons on the side of the active speaker to be a little unresponsive, and would prefer the certainty of a button. That said, skipping tracks by swiping over the touch-area is a nice feature, although made a little redundant if you have your playback device at hand. Unfortunately, the remote lacks the build quality of the rest of the unit, feeling fragile and – dare I say it – cheap.
The Luna Eclipse speakers live and die by their design. They perform moderately well and serve a purpose as a good, solid option, but their unique look and style is their selling point. When based on sound quality alone, the price tag feels slightly stretched at £149.99, but with their good looks to back them up, the cost doesn’t seem too far from the mark. They’d make a nice addition to a style-conscious home, and if that’s their sole purpose, they’re likely to make someone’s living room very happy indeed.


Pros: Striking look, fantastic build quality, impressive stereo image, and clear sound.
Cons: Weak bass, unstable design, and flimsy remote.


Techie Bit

Total power output: 15W x 2 + 22W x 2
THD + N (testing level): 10%
Audio input type: Bluetooth, 3.5mm stereo audio input
Signal to noise ratio: ≥85dBA
Input sensitivity: 600mV ± 50mV
Frequency response: R/L: 6.1KHz – 20KHz | SW:30Hz-1.58KHz
Tweeter unit: Ф19mm silk dome
Speaker unit: Tweeter: 19mm, 4Ω | Bass unit: 4 inch (116mm) 6Ω | Bass: 8 inch (210mm) 4Ω
Adjustment (remote): Wireless remote control for volume and power
Adjustment (touch panel): Power, volume, Bluetooth disconnect, swipe motion track navigation in Bluetooth mode
Passive driver: 3 inch
Dimension: 122 x 212 x 222mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 3.6Kg net | 4.15Kg gross
Model number: e25

The Luna Eclipse 2.0 Speaker Set is available from, RRP £149.99


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