Review: SPACED360 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


spaced360 finalWhen I’ve used portable speakers in the past, they were either bulky and not actually that portable, or so small and tinny that you would have to put them next to your ear to hear the music.

However, it seems that the rapid evolution of music technology is bringing some great products on to the market and the SPACED360 Bluetooth wireless speaker is by far the sleekest and most impressive device I’ve come across.

Putting portable to the test, I decided to take this speaker with me on a camping trip to test its efficiency and bring summer tunes to the outdoors.

Its Y-fronts-shape was comical at first but this three point design cleverly holds three two-inch neo speakers and three mass loaded bass radiators that are equally spaced out, giving listeners 360 degrees of music – so no need to turn it around to face out to the party as everyone dances about.

With no electricity on our camping trip, I charged the speaker for about two hours first and I was expecting to get about four hours of music at the most. So, I was a happy chappy when we still had bass pumping out by the third night. In total, the device had about eight hours battery life.

To charge it, the speaker sits on a small base plate which you plug into an ordinary mains point.

speaker 360

You can easily connect your Bluetooth device so when I tested this at home, there was a good ten-metre range, and if my flat was big enough, it probably would have gone further.

Because of the unreliable internet connections in the Cornish countryside during our trip, we relied on the traditional auxiliary cable (included) to play music on our trustworthy iPods and MP3 players and the quality was just as good as the Bluetooth.

The speaker is a little heavier than your average portable speaker because it has three Li-ion batteries, but the surround-sound result is worth it.

It took me a little time to work out how to turn the speaker off and you have to hold down the centre button for quite a few seconds, but is has no other complicated buttons to worry about.

If there was one thing I could change, it would be higher volume levels, but this might just have been because we were camping in the middle of nowhere so the sound was turned up to the max in a large open space.

Now, the price. It’s not cheap. It’s £250, but if you love your music and want a high quality speaker that you can use at home and on holiday, this is, in my opinion, worth the investment.

Overall, this is a fantastic Bluetooth wireless speaker and I think future product designers should look at the effectiveness of the three-speaker design which definitely enhances the sound and the quality of your favourite tunes – whether you’re in your house, or in a tent in a field in the middle of rural Cornwall.

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Pros: 360-degree sound and simple to use
Cons – It’s a little heavier than the average portable speaker.

By Ryan Trenley

Techy Bit

Wireless portable speaker with apt-X Bluetooth
Powered by patented airSOUND™ technology to produce an immersive 360 degree sound experience
Housing three 2” neodymium speakers and three mass loaded bass radiators equally spaced to reduce cabinet vibration and improve bass response
3 digital amplifiers approx. 20W each channel
Wireless BT Connectivity: BT 2.1 with low-latency, high fidelity apt-X

Active NFC for simple Bluetooth pairing
3 x Li-ion batteries inside the unit

Weight: 1.08kg
Width: 22cm
Depth: 19cm
Height: 9cm

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