Sunset Sons Bring UK Tour to Cornwall for Gig on the Beach


Sunset_Sons_PP_HiresIt’s one thing to be good at surfing. It’s another gift to be a talented musician. Put these together and multiple it by four and you have Sunset Sons.

The rock quartet is made up of three Brits and an Australian who spend their time living, surfing, and playing music in Hossegor, France.

Before they even had one show in the UK, their debut self-released Le Surfing EP, went straight to #6 in the UK iTunes chart. This was shortly followed by a successful UK Surf Town Tour that brought them to Cornwall earlier this year, as well as a slot at Boardmasters 2014 supporting Fink on Fistral Beach in Newquay.

Sunset Sons – bassist Pete, singer Rory, guitarist Rob, and drummer Jed – are returning to Cornwall this week as part of another UK tour that supports the launch of the new No Bad Days EP which was released on 28th October, 2014 and was recorded in Monnow Valley Studios in Wales.

“We spent two more days recording this EP than we did the first one,” explained Pete. “Our sound hasn’t changed. We just had a little more time to sprinkle some fairy dust and add the odd cowbell.”

The gig – in association with SW1 Productions – will take place at the Watering Hole in Perranporth on Thursday 6th November.

“We are genuinely excited about working with this band, we think that music fans in the South West will love them…not just because they are surfers and have a natural connection to our part of the world…but because their music is so instant, you hear a song just once and it’s in your head all day!” commented Katy Thomas, from SW1 Productions.

So, will the bright lights of the UK cities lure these avid surfers away from the beach to work on new studio albums and tours in the near future?

“We’re still based in Hossegor,” said Rory. “That was part of the deal. We couldn’t write the songs we do living in, say, London. Hossegor is where we feel relaxed enough to write, where the magic happens. It’s our fairyland. Whatever happens with the music, nothing will stop us surfing.”

Maisy 2

Support for the night will be from Maisy Start-Walter, a Cornish-born singer/songwriter who moved to New Zealand when she was younger and has returned to the UK for a tour.

When: Thursday 6th November, 2014, from 8pm.
Where: The Watering Hole, Perranporth
How much: £5

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