The Cornwall Experiment Comes to Falmouth


The Cornwall ExperimentFollowing its success in Truro in September this year, The Cornwall Experiment will be taking place again on 23rd November, 2013 at the W.I Hall in Falmouth.

An array of talented young Cornish musicians will be taking to the stage to showcase their talent. These include, Louella Jade Eke, Joshua Wilde, Holland and The Jogging Tree, Numsig, Arthur Cunnington, Lucy Anna, Amanda Baldwin and Ben Thorpe, and Megan Marie Clemens.

Founder of The Cornwall Experiment, Matthew McEvoy, tells us about the idea and how it originated.

“The Cornwall Experiment was born as an attempt to encourage young singer songwriters to get out of their bedrooms and get onto a stage,” Matthew explained.

“Through working with my daughter, Jessica McEvoy, promoting her music, I became aware that there were a huge number of youngsters who had no idea how to make the leap from YouTube videos to live performances. It also became very obvious to me that putting on a gig was the easy bit, getting people to come out to support your gig was very hard.

“There is a great fan base for covers bands and tribute acts and while I do not want to be seen to be criticising what they do it seems that if we don’t support new songwriters we are going to be short of anything to cover in the future!”

After asking a few of the more experienced musicians that Jessica was supporting about how they got started and if they had any tips, most of the artists were supportive and almost all of them offered to help Matthew if he ever organised an event.

“I came up with the idea of a gig made up of more acts than normal, with a mix of well known acts plus new acts and first timers,” Matthew said.

“I thought that the well-known acts would pull in an audience as well as being able to offer support and encouragement to the newer performers.

“I organised the first Experiment in Truro at The Live Bar in September, 2013 and it went down a storm!

“We had some great performers including, Jack Wallen, Gareth Lee and Tom Gall. I was amazed at how generous everyone was and we got a great audience. The acts all interacted and supported each other really well.

He added: “After the first gig, two acts secured support slots; two acts are working on collaborations; and one act has secured a deal with a producer. Most importantly, everyone was asking “when’s the next one?” and “can I be on the bill?””

The Cornwall Experiment will be taking place from 7.30pm to 11pm on 23rd November, 2013 at the W.I Hall, Webber Street, Falmouth. Entry is free.

If you would like to get involved in The Cornwall Experiment in any way, contact Matthew McEvoy via the Facebook page.

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