Discover the Magic of ICEstruments at Sweden’s Ice Concerts this Winter


ice concert hall

We’ve all heard of ice bars, ice hotels, and old fashioned igloos but what about an ice concert hall where the musicians play instruments made out of ice?

On the northern coast of Sweden in the town of Luleå, the national park of Gültzauudden is home to two huge igloos that are joined together to form the Ice Concert Hall.

Ever winter, the hall hosts concerts by musicians who play instruments that have been carved out of ice – ICEstruments. From ice violins, ice guitars, and ice banjos to ice drums and giant ice xylophones, the weekly concerts cover many genres of music, from rock to pop.

Ice Music Photo Graeme Richardson 38V

While the music plays, the concert hall and ICEstruments are filled with colours that glow and pulsate in time to the music. The ICE concert hall has been constructed in a special way to enhance the natural acoustics and create a carefully-ventilated environment for the delicate ICEstruments.

Suspended by ropes from the roof of the igloos, the ICEstruments have a special plastic protection shield that prevent the musicians’ warm breath from making a hole in the body.

There’s tiered seating for up to 170 guests and the temperature stays at -5 Celsius throughout the concert, so layers and warm clothing are a must for concertgoers.

The Ice Music project in Luleå was established by Tim Linhart, an ice artist with more than 30 years’ experience creating ice masterpieces. Linhart builds all of the ICEstruments at home in his garden; a craft that requires delicate craftsmanship, great patience, and the correct cold temperature, so that the ice will have the right elasticity to be sculpted without breaking.

Ice music

The concerts take place every week from mid-January to the end March, 2016 and include rock, folk, classical, pop, and world music.

For more information about the ICE Concert Hall, visit

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