Indie Kitchen

Modern technology has advanced so much over the decades that it is now possible to have a recording studio almost anywhere.

One project that is proving to be popular in Cornwall is Indie Kitchen, a unique online channel that showcases up-and-coming talent from the comfort of a rustic kitchen in a farmhouse near Falmouth.

The initiative was set up by Keith Wyatt after a joke was made that his kitchen was bigger than a small recording studio and he should record artists there.

The joke soon became reality and after inviting a few musicians and singer/songwriters to perform in the kitchen in an informal, relaxed environment, the project has taken off and is attracting many different artists from further afield.

Keith and his wife, Claire, invite various artists to their family home where they can also provide accommodation if required. The recording sessions take place in their kitchen, and once edited, the footage is uploaded to their YouTube channel where they can be seen by the world.

So far, talented artists including Pete Roe, Laura Fletcher, Paper Shades, Tom James, Sam Williams from the Flock of Bats, Sweet Baboo, Jenny Lindfors, and India Bourne have performed and recorded in Indie Kitchen.

The project is very much a family affair and while Keith is booking artists, his wife Claire is busy making a wide selection of mouth-watering cakes. Their son Jacob films the Indie Sessions with the help of Rich Mulryne, and their daughter Hope is also involved. Two members of the family who regularly make appearances in the videos (often spontaneously) are Spud and Fergus, the family’s dogs.

While the family are busy setting up the music sessions, behind the scenes, Trevor Row and Ruth Bennett are the sound and recording crew, while Kurt Drew designed and looks after the website.

The informal setting, unique location, friendly family, and delicious cake selection is attracting musicians from all over the UK and many well-known artists are planning to record at the farmhouse in the near future so, watch this space…

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